What are you Mad About?

This book makes it all better. Go and get it so you can agree with me.  The sun is in and out of clouds and I marvel at how often nature reflects our lives. Conflicted and harmonious all at once.  We had a few triumphs this week. Myles landed Witch no. three, Fiona made strides in her mathematics prowess, and I got on a plane! And the plane ride meant I could relish in the company of friends. I am thankful for life's simple joys. (Especially on auntie-favorite Wednesdays as I lose my cool with my harmless, darling niece after she unrolls 20 yards of drawing paper onto the ground.) I will leave you with these deep questions
asked us by Judith Viorst:

Did you wake up this morning all smiley inside?
Does life taste like ice cream and cake?
Or does it seem more like your goldfish just died
And your insides are one great big ache?
Do you wish you could go in a closet and hide?
Or would you rather go play?
What are you glad about about? 
Mad about? Sad about?
How are you feeling today?

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Melissa Martin said...

Judith and auntie are favorites forever. xo