At the risk of sounding whiny, I am just going to going to tell you how I am feeling. It can be a tough gig being a woman. My friend just reminded me that women were not officially allowed to run in the Boston Marathon until 1972. That date shocked me.  And I am feeling that reality right now, being the lady in the house who runs the circus around here. It can be a very thankless job which requires deep self resolve to find significance from aspects of home life the world undervalues.  I try to remind myself that the details matter.  But sometimes the opposition to what you hold dear, can deal you set backs.
     This weekend our family was stretched to its limits. It was wonderful in many ways but trying in others. At the end of a very long day on Sunday, we stopped into a favorite book store and found a couple delights for some emotional mending. Myles has found a new favorite in these highly acclaimed titles, and Fiona found an easy reader for the ride home (not pictured).

And, I have my sights set on our next road trip.  Come August, we plan to camp in the white mountains of NH, and then continue north to Quebec City.  At the top of my list right now, is visiting Musee Des Ursulines, the first all girls' school established on the continent.

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Rachel Weaver said...

Planning trips, real or imaginary, is one of my very favorite past times.