Book Bag - no. 19

The deal I made with myself was that as soon as I finish these last set of shorts, I will get the wool out of the top drawers, and the snow pants finally hidden away.  I had made Fiona one pair a few weeks ago and they were so adorable, I decided the whole (extended) family needed a pair.  On Sunday evenings Myles and Fiona head to a local track for a running club, and watching Fiona bounce around in her homemade cotton shorts makes me bubble over.

     We have a couple of things in motion around here that has made life a wee full.  We decided to sell our house and move back to the city. Eric finally finished up his requirements for ordination in the Episcopal Church and was offered a part-time job at a parish in Cambridge. We have been three years here now in Scituate, which is south of Boston, and it has indeed been wonderful to have the beautiful seaside at our fingertips for this time.  But it has been hard for me here in many ways too.  So when the job came up, and an apartment near my sister was available, we decided to go for it.
     So in between the business of finishing up the school year, and getting the house tidy for the millionth time, these are the highlights from the library this week.



Melissa Martin said...

I see two summer uniforms. Some blessings are not disguised. Heart.

Rachael said...

Woah that is crazy news! Congrats. Another adventure. And these shorts are fantastic.

Emily said...

Thanks Rachael :) yes, another adventure!

Jennifer Costa said...

What a delight to find this site and your work (in all of its forms). Looking forward to seeing more of you! :)