Christmas Gift Guide

December hit and I painted my kitchen purple.  Earlier this week, I walked into the paint store knowing I had something dramatic up my sleeve and there I saw a shiny, glimmering sign displaying Benjamin Moore's color trends of 2015. I was sold!  I settled on cinnamon slate in record time and now, three days later I stand and can't help but smile at the comforting color of kings on my wall.  Apparently Advent was penetrating my subconscious. It feels so festive. Like the color of plum pudding.

Above are some titles that I am giving this year.


Maura O'Brien said...

Ooooh, are you doing a "gift guide" this year? Also, pictures of the kitchen, please!!!

Maura O'Brien said...

Too much multitasking!!! I obviously only read the text below! I 'm definitely getting the bottom three. Thanks for doing the work for me!!