Book Bag - no. 14

 This year we attempt French. Equipped with my foggy background, family abroad, and a new membership to a too good to be true French cultural center, we are on our way!

Speaking of fog... what a week it has been.   Ever have that feeling when life is so absurdly difficult that you know you must be doing something wrong? I've had the magnifying glass out (which doesn't necessarily help) trying to sniff out the root of my problems.  Of course it isn't one thing, but I did come up with a couple of sources.

A week from tomorrow I run in the Philadelphia marathon.  My sister and I concocted this idea up in the summer and we have been paying for it ever since. It has brought moments of satisfaction and near triumph, but right now it cant be over soon enough.  

Tomorrow my mom would have turned 60.  This day brings deep grief and sorrow. I am going to try to work some joyful remembrances in there too, but I am not sure I can muster it this time around. A cake for her and the kids at the very least.

And finally, general parenting fatigue.  The malaise that comes when it feels that every word that leaves your mouth is met with opposition.  

Thanks for listening. As always it helps to give the clouds a name.  


Melissa Martin said...

giving the clouds a name -i love that.

rachel said...

I do too Melissa. As always thanks for posting. I love hearing your words