Book Bag - no. 12

It took a great deal of determination to take these pictures today, and even more to be typing these words. I guess one could say that our new routines have felt a little consuming. Free time to write and record and reflect, takes a lot more initiative and planning, and its been hard to carve that space out.  But today, the rain came. And with it brought a calm that had been hard to find up until it's release.
 Contentment eludes me, more often than I wish.  Even when I am living a choice that I had freedom in making, I have the terrible habit of self doubt. I worry that I chose poorly.
Today was a relief from that. Things flowed. Myles listened. Fiona was herself, and most importantly I knew what I was making for dinner.

Some mysteries are worth getting to the bottom of. Blog formatting is not one that I have time for right now, so apologies on the awkward layout.


Maura O'Brien said...

Selfishly I ask that you keep taking the pictures. I look forward to seeing your finds. I think I will give you my library card and have you select books for my family each week!!!

Melissa Martin said...

Identifying to all that you said. I'm so glad to read this summoned post. :)