Book Bag - no. 11

Here are the week's highlights. Mini Grey strikes again with a new hero, Hermelin. She will always be a favorite of mine. And after reading this post on Bomb, we had to give it a try. No review yet, for the title is still giving me the shivers. In terms of a family read-aloud we are floundering a bit. We can't quite land a new title for us all to gather around. I hate that feeling.  We finished the annual fall reading of Little House in the Big Woods, but now we are ready for something deliciously new to us.  While we wait for something to drop from the sky, we are listening to The Hobbit on audio.  Of course, wonderful, but there needs to be snow on the ground for Tolkein, I think. What are you all reading aloud?

- - - 

Captain John Smith arrived on time to Cohasset Harbor, and looked appropriately confused to see us all standing there. He read a letter upon coming ashore giving his opinion of the land's nature and qualities. The authenticity of the reenactment would have gone up a couple notches had all of Captain Smith's crew been costumed, or at least removed their sunglasses, but it was a wonderful affair nonetheless.

The Wampanoag Nation was represented as well, and led the children in bread making and dance. A sight that will not be soon forgotten, I am sure.

This Salvation Army purchase made my day!* 

*Not pictured is a three dollar, cozy, Patagonia fleece for Myles, that he refuses to take off. 

I hope everyone enjoys this deeply September week.


Danzel @Silver Shoes and Rabbit Holes said...

Tiny Creatures and Hermelin were in our bag this week, too!

Melinda Speece said...

Have you tried the Redwall series? My 6,7, and 8 year old love them, and I found it a pleasure to read them aloud (you know how some are easier to read aloud than others?)

Melinda Speece (friend of Carrie Creasy!)

Emily said...

We love Redwall! There are so many, it might be time to revisit. Thanks :)