Book Bag - no. 10

All quiet on the August front. However, last week we did visit our happy place - the Cambridge Public Library, and stocked up far and wide. I had been trying to remember the name of the book, Halibut Jackson for months to no avail. But when I saw an old familiar librarian at the desk, I knew she would be able to help.  I was right. It took her a minute pull up the title, but she immediately remembered the tale of a charming character who is shy and talented and wants nothing more but to blend in. And of course it was on the shelf, right where we left it five years ago. Only good things happen there.

I am determined to slow down these last couple weeks before September hits. Sit on the couch more. Go to the beach more.  Quiet myself, and therefore all of us.  Oh, and some sewing. I am working on this pattern for Fiona to have for school. Ill show you the fabric soon. Hopefully with her in it!


Melissa Martin said...

Oh this is nice. I just made my book requests and vow to do the same these days. :)

Emily said...

Here's to peace!