Happy Sad Summer

Today is our first quiet day at home in a while. A dear friend of mine allowed us an escape to the green mountains of Vermont last week.  We joined her and her daughter for a leisurely week of picking, and cooking, and eating, and swimming.  The kids were occupied for the mornings by pottery camp, (except for Myles who was busy "inventing" 'til three) leaving me to prepare for the fall without interruption, and run for a bit each day up and down scenic rolling hills. It was wonderful. For the grand finale, she showed me this farm out of a fairy tale that stretched as far as the eye could see, to the banks of the Connecticut River.  The farm  also happened to have a wonderful cafe with possibly the most delicious scones we have ever tasted: Brown butter something. If you are ever in the area, treat yourself to a stop at Cedar Circle Farm.

We returned the day before Fiona's birthday, to prepare for a party filled with family from overseas.  The ice cream truck came, everyone ordered sprinkles. Fun was had. But there was something holding me back from full on happy-go-lucky. (There usually is.) First of all, watching my kids turn a year older without my mom is really heart wrenching. More of life keeps going by without her, and I am always caught off guard at our loss on milestone days. Secondly, my youngest child is a little grade schooler now. Six is small, but not quite as small as five, and Im going to miss five. And thirdly, being with family that you see but once a year is a wee sorrowful. Eric's sister and family live in Switzerland and fantastically were in town for our little birthday party. While the visits are wonderful, when they are with us, you realize in a poignant way what you are missing out on throughout the rest of year. Our little niece makes you bubble over with her little squeaky mercis! voilas! and encores! The cuteness is too much to handle.

So today we stumbled into the library and filled our bags semi full. We came home and read and watched Fiona play on her swing. It was nice. The neighbors were over and we walked to the beach. Good to be home with just a little of July left to spare.

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Melissa Martin said...

Sweet Fiona. What a lovely read. Thanks for sharing, Em.