Back in the Saddle

Grammie moved out on Tuesday. Things around the house feel very changed.  And quiet. Certainly quiet good. But, as Fiona said, I think of her when I see the empty seat. 

So, today we had a home day.  Without an onlooker one feels free to do whatever the heck one wants. Yell. Eat in-between meals. Leave the dishes in the sink. Skip school.  All around unfiltered living.  

We biked to the lighthouse for the first time this season. Myles was worried about frostbite on his legs, (eight year old boys have a crazy thing for shorts apparently) but it was still worth it.  Its so little and quaint and stone. I love this little lighthouse. And with the pain of winter fading away, it felt like seeing a friend you had forgotten you had.  To the lighthouse, and beyond.


Melissa Martin said...
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Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

Sounds lovely.

Melissa Martin said...

Where for art thou, Lighthouse. A new season, a new chapter.