The Book Bag

Here we are. Its currently 19 degrees outside. But since this is not a weather blog, I will move on. The symbolism of Spring astounds me at times. New birth, new color, things waking up.  I feel my soul being tugged along, whether I like it or not. Yesterday we dipped back into winter, and I found asylum at a friends house. If I hadn't invited myself over, who knows how things would have gone over here.

Since Fridays tend to be the day that I take stock of my life. Every Week. Something I don't recommend. I struggle to find the balance of joy and gratitude for things that I have, in the face of deep suffering all around. It feels so random. I must believe that it is not random, and that really what it means is that there will one day be a reckoning of peace for all.  Listening to a starving, pregnant woman being interviewed on a world news segment, as I chop my onions for a St. Patrick's Day feast is really the worst.

PS. The dress at the bottom right is for my niece, Verity.  I heart new hobbies.


Danzel @Silver Shoes and Rabbit Holes said...

We have Miss Moore Thought Otherwise checked out now, too. LOVE the Hildafolk books. We had beautiful spring-like weather this week, but my oldest and I were too sick to enjoy it. It's not as warm today, but it is above 19, so you have my sympathy.

Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

How sad. I feel bad admitting it but it's why I avoid the news. I count on my husband to keep me news updated. I'm too sensitive of a soul.

3 Bear and Maple Syrup look cute.