Dropping the ball

Today, my own version of the unthinkable happened. It started off ominous, with me waking up before six to drive into the city to drag shepherd, angel, and wise-men costumes down from the attic so to speak. On the road, NPR's weather advisories were doing everything they could to tell me to turn around and go another day. Snow was forecasted to begin at 9, much earlier than I thought and came so close to turning the car around. But I didnt. The rest of the day was a complete whirlwind.  Grabbing gifts here, making dough there, running into Crate and Barrel to fetch the missing jar clamps for the preserving jars they forgot to give me the last time I was in there. (grrr.)  So that afternoon, when I received a text from a new friend saying that her youngest was home napping with a double ear infection, and could I pick up her second grader from school?? My "Absolutely!!!" in response did not register in the part of the brain used for storing long term memory.  I was so touched that she was actually bold enough to ask for help, as we were not yet doing favors for one another, that I even audibly mentioned this fact to the neighbor that I was walking with. And then the snow picked up, and a friend waved us over, and I didn't go to my usual waiting spot by the tree. Myles came running over and we left. Without our friend.  I did not realize my error, until an hour later, when I happen to check my phone and realize that the mom had been texting me saying that the school called saying that they have Thomas, and "Was there some communication?" ---
     I ran as fast as I could back up to their house to apologize, and explain to this little seven year old, that I had forgotten about him. The mom and I don't really know each other that well, so she had that look on her face, "What kind of person are you, who says they are going to help a neighbor out and then flakes?"  Yep. That's me. My cover was blown. Truly, I am extremely unorganized, and say that I can do things when I really can't. All the time. Myles and I went back up to their house and delivered some cookies and a long winded apology Christmas card. But there are no words really when you screw up like that.
     I am trying to take this as a wake up call. First of all, thank the Lord, that he made it home safe, despite my abandonment. And second, to realize that my capacity for a fast paced holiday season is very low. One of the balls dropped big time, and one of the biggest balls of all. If I am too busy to do a simple favor for a friend then something is seriously wrong.  It makes me want to throw out all of my "holiday granola" and those damn potted paper whites ready to go.  Oh yeah, I ended up getting to all that, but I couldn't quite remember the kid I was supposed to not leave behind.


Melissa Martin said...

That hurts. At least you bottomed out with Christmas still a whole week away. There's still time to do very little more. :) We've all been there.

Rachael said...

My heart dropped as I read this. Somehow I can imagine exactly how you felt. The absolute mortification. The knowledge that it would never be quite as ok as it could have been. I hope it was relieving at least a little to type it out and send it away.

Lucy Mitchell said...

I did this too, and was forgiven. Also, I did exactly the same as you and ran over to the childs house when I remembered. My goodness, I won't forget that feeling for a while. Anyway, nice blog, I just found it yesterday, just had to comment when I read this post!

Emily said...

Thanks Lucy :)