Resurrection of the Ordinary

Yesterday afternoon marked the end of a time period that brought our family's level of activity to new heights. Heights never to be repeated again. It was full in a good way, and also a not so good way. Halloween came and went. Parties came and went. Bat origami came and went, accruing only a few grey hairs along with an insult or two. (A boy in Myles' class declared at a high decibel that the homemade cinnamon pretzels that I had slaved over were, "Gross!") I smiled back warmly, proving that I have come a long way.

Daylight savings time took its toll, but the prospect of long, cozy evenings by candlelight is a greatly welcomed thought. We had our first fire yesterday, and it felt so nice to be inside and sheltered. It is easier to be thankful for things when you are sitting in front of a fire.

Housekeeping cast it's spell on me this weekend too. I am reading this book across the miles with friends, and I couldn't believe that I was able to put my hand on the copy that I had found in a used, Cambridge book store with my mother several years ago.  She loved this book and after many false starts, I am determined to read it all the way through.

November is a birthday month in our family. My mom would turn fifty-nine next week and little brother Nathan is on the brink of thirty. Not to mention Grandfather West and cousin Claire.  It is also about this time that we pick up, Little House in the Big Woods.  Even if its just for a few chapters.  One first meets Laura right in the middle of this glorious season, and it is such a lovely read to hear of the attic filling with squashes and pumpkins and onions and cheeses.

I can also begin to enjoy the upcoming season knowing that I have beat the rush to Ikea for its choicest of holiday items before everything is picked over.   I am putting these ornaments away for just a few short weeks until I will need them again!

Happy November everyone. :)

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Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

You're so right about sitting in front of a fire.

I love the ornaments. They're from IKEA? :)