I can see clearly now.

My glasses arrived over the weekend from Warby Parker! I love them.  They are super comfortable and I feel like a rock star.  Projecting this false reality makes deception extra fun.

For the long weekend we hit the road to visit family in Portsmouth, NH.  It was great to getaway, and I got the opportunity to visit my favorite children's thrift store.  I scored some radical Burton snowboard pants for Myles, and some lovely warm dresses for Fiona.  Do we ski or snowboard? No, but that is beside the point because now we can say we are on our way to being prepared for the outside chance someone calls one day asking, "Hey, want to come snowboard with us?"

Definitely worth the sleep deprivation.

PS. Many thanks are deserved in the post. Friends for cluing me in to the genius of, Warby Parker, and others for reminding that NH is not that far away.  My sister for hosting a wild seven year old for a sleepover. And my mother's sister for cooking us the best meatloaf I have had in a long time, not to mention lugging up the Barbie condominium from the basement.

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Melinda said...

Huzzah for WP! I love those!