Holiday Gift Guide 2.0

I guess the good thing about life flashing before our eyes, is that before you know it the holidays are here. Thankfully. We jumped through many hoops over Thanksgiving. And now as the dust settles, it is with great expectation that we face the most beautiful of seasons.  Here are some titles that we are giving our friends and family this year.

1. The Story of Christmas, by Pamela Dalton
2. Paul Thurlby's Alphabet, by Paul Thurlby
3. Dusk, by Uri Shulevitz
4. Mr. Tiger Goes Wild, by Peter Brown
5. Locomotive, by Brian Floca
6. Fortunately, The Milk, by Neil Gaiman
7. Little Master Dickens: A Christmas Carol, by Jennifer Adams

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Melissa Martin said...

I love these titles! And the ribbon.