Running Halloween Laps

Maybe I wouldn't quite call it a melt down, but I certainly could.  First Myles was going to be the Lone Ranger. He had just gotten cowboy boots. Easy. Then he started saying he wanted to be a Ring Wraith, which is some obscure Lord of the Rings villain. Eric thought it was a bit cultish.  Next, after looking through a closet he found my grandfather's old Coast Guard uniform. OK, perfect, a sailor it is. But, to toughen it up a bit, it became a zombie sailor after some inspiration from my Halloween sensei over at House of Habit.   The story does not end here though, and in fact has no ending yet.  But, after waiting in line at Joanne's we are looking at the makings of Gandalf the Grey Wizard. A full circle from who knows where. That pile right there set me back forty dollars. Not including the pattern. Ouch.
My melt down occured at the Halloween store when I learned that they no longer had the beard that  we needed, to pull this last minute idea off. So now he might be Gandalf with a Jerry Garcia beard. It was a very tidy melt down if I do say so myself.

Grammy is pulling out the pattern now and the construction is about to begin. Up until this morning things were pretty apathetic and that is when I realized that I did not want this to another one of life's little disappointments.  It is still too early to call, but the anticipation is helping a great deal.

And for the school parties, it is bat origami, and a good Halloween read-a-loud.

PS. Fiona decided weeks ago that she wanted to be a Pilgrim. Grammy made her an apron, collar, and hat. Done. No looking back. The only supplemental we needed was some corn to carry around. We found this blue bunch.

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Maura O'Brien said...

Fun--bat oragami!! Just sent you an email regarding the beard.