Autumn Treasures

The Salvation Army truck is coming today. My driveway is filled with things of the past. Things that need to go, and things that are hard to let go.  When my father sold our family home shortly after we lost my mother, there was a mad dash to pack up the things she left behind.  And then a slow and painful process followed to decide what to do with them. Many beautiful things fill the homes of my siblings and I, but many other things must be donated or passed along.  I found some forgotten treasures as I sorted through boxes this morning waiting for the truck to arrive.

It is a beautiful day here.  I feel filled to the brim with memories and emotions. Autumn is in its full glory.

"I fear that he who walks over these fields a century hence will not know the pleasure of knocking off wild apples. Ah, poor man, there are many pleasures which he will not know."
   - from Wild Apples by Henry David Thoreau

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