Around our house

one will find, this one:

and these two waiting to be cracked:

and this one that is very fun:

and this one that gives me the shivers:

and this one because who can resist Tasha Tudor:

and we are waiting for this one to read with a friend.

To celebrate the start of the weekend, I finally made this.  It was everything I hoped it would be. And for the closing ceremonies, I saw Gravity all by my lonesome. Literally, I was the only person in the entire theater for a 7:15 showing on Sunday night. I guess it was oddly appropriate. Me and Sandra all alone in outer space. But it was very strange, in a ghost town sort of way.  The upside was I didn't have to worry about my twizzler wrapper making too much noise, nor did I have to silence my phone. So there.
Its going to be a long week. But I am determined to be warm and upbeat. I was told by someone close to me that I didn't smile enough while volunteer coaching our son's soccer game. Oh yeah, I forgot. I think I was supposed to be trying to make things fun. So my stoic side is all used up for a while. Here's to smiling more.

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