Number the Days

There was a time recently where I was feeling very overwhelmed by the task of parenting my children. It was after certain members of the family were asleep and instead of taking my victory lap, I wanted to fall to the ground and cry.  I was told by someone, "You know who Myles really reminds me of sometimes?"  I warily said, "Who?" He said, "Your brother." And despite my recent blog post, he did not mean this in a good way.  Ouch.  But instead of crumbling, I decided right then and there, I was not going to feel sorry for myself but I was going to dig deep.  Well, I did fall a part for a minute but then, I summoned reason and resolution. I went to my online library catalog, (common therapy for me) to request the newest fad parenting books.  And then I went to my bookshelf and picked up one of the most influential books of my childhood. I lerfed* this book with my whole heart.  Yes, that was the answer. We would read it, and discuss virtues like bravery, empathy, and sacrifice. We are currently about halfway through.  I labeled it as a "book club," and we intend to celebrate the conclusion at Myles' favorite restaurant, Windy City Hot Dogs. (He once was given a t-shirt there by the stunned owner after eating two hotdogs smothered in relish, pickles, and hot peppers in a poppy seed bun.)  Wait. Maybe this is the problem. Maybe we should celebrate at MY favorite restaurant. But that would be impossible, because we would have to travel back in time to the pre-rennovated location of Home.  Oh well.

And then of course Fiona and I started The Cricket in Times Square, which I had never read before. Our favorite part so far is when the hero Mario, travels to Chinatown to buy a cricket cage.
 And now for my "pleasure" read.  I was grateful to discover the above title after reading this post.  My home is being turned upside down, in a good way. 

PS. We never made it to Nantucket.  Another day I suppose. Even though at the moment of surrender, I was over-dramatic, and thought to myself, I will probably die before ever stepping foot on that island.  I guess we will have to see.  I am at the spot in my life, that I am morbidly realizing that I will never travel to all the places I hope to see before I leave this world.  It is simply impossible. I am trying to come to terms with this through the lens of gratitude.  I have been given so much.  Instead I will catch Rick Steve's travel videos on PBS, and that will be a certain balm to help me cope.

PPS. It was a goal in life to use that word in context, created by Woody Allen in Annie Hall. There, I did it.


B. said...

Maybe there is a childhood memory here: In 'Cricket', I like the liverwurst sandwich sharing scene. Keep turning the pages, Em.

Rachael said...

Requesting the new parenting fad book. I love that.