Mainly Maine

There is an overabundance of puns as one drives up the coast of Maine. It is quite fun to count them and read them aloud. Mainely Made, Mainley Vinyl (siding, not records) and Mainely Cuts just name a few. But for every not so clever twist on the state's name, there exists in tenfold exquisite rivers, islands, and brightly painted row boats to woo you.  With sister and cousins in tow we enjoyed a chilly and foggy and lovely time away in this beautiful state.  The home we stayed in was a dream, with old Beatrix Potter books stacked on bedside tables, and Louisa May Alcott classics in the corners of spare bedrooms. May our rector's reward be great for his astonishing generosity.
 On Friday, we turned into 1-800-Maids wrecking havoc on any dust that we saw, hoping that by our voracious cleaning we might be able to secure a future invitation again, and then sadly forced ourselves to leave and curve our way home, down east again.  The kids were terrible on the ride back which left us no other options, but to deprive them of a greasy roadside lunch.  However, my sister and I were able to laugh through their naughtiness and our cruel punishment, as we spoke calmly from the front, "Stop that."  I am pretty sure my two couldn't hear this request as they are used to commands at a much higher decibel.

We came home with the grumps, and it seemed that every word out of Myles' mouth could curdle milk. But there was one small, random comfort today that I latched on to. My kids can appreciate Jim Henson. For some it is, The Ramones, and other's I don't know. But the fact that these two enjoy watching Bob Hope hosting The Muppet Show, brings me a small measure of satisfaction. That maybe things will turn out ok.
And things will definately turn out ok, because Poppy and Ereth survived the wildfire that ravaged Dimwood Forest. Ereth has to be our most favorite character at the moment.  Period. 

Here are my notes to self for next time:
Bring cash. They don't really like American Express in Maine.  The clammers just smile at you and laugh.  Go back to Camden for the smoothie truck who also laughed at my AmEx. 
Go to Saltwater Farm next July to celebrate the storming of the Bastille. 
Hire the poster designer of Bastille Day to run my life. 
Do not attempt glamour shots next to large bodies of water with unattended toddlers. Note the Drama-in-Real-Life about to happen in the foreground.  We can laugh about it now.


Melinda said...

Loved reading both your and Melissa's writings about this trip. I wish I could have gone along! I shudder to think of the lovely outings and adventurous road trips I unknowingly tried to ruin for my parents with my whining and un enthusiasm. Next year BFFs do Bastille day in Maine?

LD said...

Hilarious and inspiring :) Liz

emswell said...

Yes! Done :)

emswell said...

Thanks Liz :)

Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

Great tips! I've always wanted to visit Maine.