Water in the Park, Water in my Heart

Have you seen Emily Jenkins' new book floating around your library yet? It is quite fun and fitting for the impending summer, and the illustrations are irresistible.

 To combat our heatwave we picked up a wonderfully weighty watermelon. Duh. And some dear friends.  It is always nice to sweat it out in good company.  The kids played in the waves and we couldn't cut the melon fast enough. Seven years old Myles at the beach is way different that six years old Myles. He runs into the surf with a confidence that I never thought he would have. Way to believe, mom.

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Melissa Martin said...

I have to get this book. We loved Happy Birthday Bunny. The author and illustrator both live in Brooklyn, right?
Oh, sweet Myles. There is nothing wrong with giving good earnest respect of the force that is the ocean. :)