Please Don't Tease Tootsie

My grandfather's hands are strong and gentle. He encloses his fingers around a sparrow as it struggles to loose itself.  The wild flapping does not unsettle him. He is calm with the knowledge that in a moment the bird will fly again.
Early today, Myles reminded me of this rescue.  He saw compassion and bravery, and I imagine he will always remember it.  And then during an errand, I found a book of poems by Calef Brown in a clearance bin. 

The mark of our intelligence
is how we treat the elephants.

To conclude my PETA moment:  Yesterday I picked this favorite for my niece who is learning to play kindly with our dog, Gracie.  With charm, wit, and warmth, Chamberlain shows her young readers how to love treasured pets.

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Melissa Martin said...

love this post and love the nail polish. :)