Mindy on My Mind (and other concerns)

I have got Mindy on the brain. I bought a copy of, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) at the airport and now my other life responsibilities are making me grumpy because all I want to do is finish my book.  I am horrible at striking the book/life balance.  A couple of friends and I are reading it together, so when I am not reading it, I am texting them my favorite lines. And I am trying to sound like Mindy in my texts. Its actually pretty fun. However the fun ended when I popped in on Myles' class to observe a docent art presentation.  I made a Mindy joke to his teacher, trying to be funny.  But she didn't get it.  And now that I think about it, it was not funny, and I feel bad.

The other thing I am depressed about is my library fine. I have a speech prepared to draw compassion out of one of my many librarian friends, so that they might waive it on the grounds of my friendly smile and flattery.  Atleast I think they are my friends.  Right now it is at $8.92.  Normally this would not phase me. I have paid many library fines, routinely and happily. A few months ago I handed my debit card over to pay 27.52 for a lost book and some overdue expenses. I could feel the horrified stares of the patrons waiting in line behind me as my fine was announced, (a little too loudly I might add.) But I held my head high and smiled proudly to show that I was not troubled and happy to finance future library improvements.  But lately it has been a little out of control, and I cant stay on top of it. Please have compassion at me! I'm so nice to you.  "Delinquent User" is highlighted in red next to my name on my account page, and I am tired of it.
The main culprits:

By the way, if there is a child in your life turning three anytime soon, this one could be a very sweet gift. 

Both of these are books I really want to read, but it just might not be a possible feat for 2013.  So sadly they must go back, unread.  However I feel like the fines these titles accrued have brought us closer together.  In my mind that counts for something.  And yes, that is the Shirley Hughes who brought us, Alfie.  One Day, I hope.


Melissa@Julias Bookbag said...

HA HA HA HA! My husband keeps informing me that I must be singlehandedly keeping our local library afloat, all due to my library fines. I am the WORST.

i've been hankering to read the Mindy book for ages, thanks for the prompt. i love that you're texting your pals the funny bits, too cute!

emswell said...

Thank you for your empathy! Man oh' Man, its tough!