Curtains, and Cous Cous, and Clara

My kids are creative with the most annoying things possible.  Specifically curtain rods.  I think this is a magical sign calling me to actually put curtains up.  But until that day, which may never come, I swear I will be tripping over them until I am old and gray.  Actually, that saying does not apply to me anymore. 

To combat this, I took Tollipop's  advice and stocked up paper.  

But my excitement comes after I gather all the metal rods off the floor.  Tonight, I am hosting my newly acquired knitting group for dinner.  My friend and I found this recipe at Whole Foods and tonight is the night. 

And hopefully I will graduate from scarf making to bag making. Baby steps.  I can see myself now, beside my non-existent mending table, whipping off a pair of socks. Or even better "darning" them.  What is darning anyway? 

Story time will be spent with Clara the rhinoceros, with a little Alvin Ho thrown in for good measure.

On Monday, we watched the race.  But we, unlike so many others were able to attend our festive cook out. We felt somber dipping our chips, and like a jerk thinking about what a fun day it was.  And it was. It is one of the best days to be in Boston ever. But we cheered, and then left.  Mile 24 is our spot, and we have a system now. We go to one of the greatest bookstores in the world, and then poke out to wave the top finishers on.  And then for some strange reason, that I do not understand we got to crawl into our beds and others did not.  It's not fair. 

 PS. The font inconsistencies are not intentional.  Thank you for your understanding.


Danzel @Silver Shoes and Rabbit Holes said...

I wondered if you were there. I know you're in the state. It must be a difficult feeling. I'm so glad you and your loved ones are safe. xxxooo

And on the lighter side of things, this book looks wonderful and I've just managed to put a hold on it at the library.

emswell said...

Thank you so much for your thoughts.

I know you guys will love that one. It's quite funny. :)