Dear Sunshine

"Dear sunshine, what a potent medicine you are."  

Before the current day trend of addressing personified seasons in clever captions of social media photos, L. M. Montgomery was a woman ahead of her time. Clearly I am still in the grips of the Emily of New Moon series. Every three paragraphs I pause and marvel at her use of metaphors and impeccable clairvoyance.  I am as much enrolled in a writing class as I ever could be.  Today the sunshine was the perfect remedy. It appears that New Englanders may be served up a Spring this year. A scandalous claim at this spot on the calendar, but the hope is real.

I am working on a middle-grade piece of historical fiction, so yesterday when I visited my ninety-five year old friend I shared a bit of the story with her. She then looked at me hard and asked me what the resolution will be. "What is your heroine getting at?" I stared blankly for a minute searching for a simple reply, but nothing came. It was exactly what I needed to be asked and I give thanks for her wisdom and the work that is before me to answer that question.

"Oh, God, as long as I live give me, 'leave to work.' Thus pray I. Leave and courage."

I will stop with the Lucy Maud quotes now.  The other day at the library, this book was lying next to the checkout counter and Myles exclaimed, "Mom that's what my teacher is reading!"  In a classic moment of, "I'll have what she's having," I plucked this book up and have been enjoying it ever since.  See what you think. 

And this one too; such a heart warming tale that contrasts nicely with other fluffy stuff found everywhere.


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