El Deafo

This week in our home, El Deafo cannot be stopped. Ever since I pulled it out of the library bag it has been in constant circulation.  Myles puts it down and Fiona picks it up, and round and round it goes.  Last week was stressful.  Fiona is in a local Wizard of Oz production and rehearsals are ramping up as the show approaches.  And, Myles has needed careful attention with his school work. Therefore, I am having to work really hard at making sure everyone in the house is getting enough time to decompress.   This blue book has been our crutch, and it worked wonders.  As I begin to read El Deafo aloud, we huddle closer and closer following Cece's journey through life.  It is difficult to stop reading, which is perfect right now.

I am startled to realize that my anticipation of the holidays this year is filled with joy. Bringing out the box of decorations will help make our new home feel more familiar to us.  Our simple traditions will soften the pieces of our life that we are still growing accustomed to.  Part of me even wants to throw a party.  I'm not going to hold myself to that, but the fact that the idea doesn't terrify me I will take as a really good sign.

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Melissa Martin said...

Putting El Deafo on the library list -thanks for the tip off. Yes, I'm planning a make-believe Christmas party too and it's bringing me great joy. One of these years.