Finishing Thursday

Thank goodness its only Thursday. I can't remember the last time I have felt this way. But, there are so many things that I want to complete before the week's end. I have a million books to request for next week, because no Thanksgiving is complete without sitting down to read this one.  I have, ahem... a skirt to complete. As in sewing. I am a bit over my head, but have fallen in love with this art form. I have been to Joanne's more times in the past two weeks than I have in my entire life. And for tonight, I have focaccia bread rising in the oven. I am going to a book club/food club meeting tonight featuring this fellow's creations. Everyone is bringing a dish inspired or created by Tamimi. I am going with the red onion and goat cheese foccacia.

My blue is happy and so is my Thursday.


Melissa Martin said...

I couldn't believe my luck when Thanksgiving With Me was still on display at the library yesterday. I love that book. That cookbook looks so good!

Melinda said...

Delicious! And I'm quite jealous of your food/book club. Sounds lovely!

Emily said...

The cookbook is so beautiful, you both would love it!