Portsmouth Market

You may have wandered the streets of Portsmouth Market through the eyes of the Ox-Cart Man.  The beauty of this coastal town is captured by Cooney's brush stokes, but to breathe the salty air and see the old streets is something that takes my breath away every time. On our way home from our camping trip, we met my father in Portsmouth, NH for a picnic. I stole into a couple of new spots and had ice cream at one of our old.   When Ox-Cart Man was first published, my family and I lived in the Atlanta area. But one winter many years ago, we moved up the east coast to the Portsmouth area.  We were able to see the setting that Donald Hall chose for his timeless tale of a farmer selling a years worth of labor.  And we never got used to it.

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Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

Cool! And what a darling place.